Privacy Policy

We try to make this Privacy Policy as short and human readable as possible. We will never disclose your data to any third parties.

We will keep the data typed in by you when starting your projects solely for the purpose of having a backup in case y problem should occur on your side.

We currently offer our services only on Microsoft Windows platform with Microsoft Office.

We may try to make it possible for you to save your project templates on our servers in case you ask us to do so. 

These Data is made of the arborescence of 3-level directories of your particular projects.

This may allow us on your demand to regenerate the empty documents without to have to go through the process of doing all the repetitive tasks again. 

Disclaimer : you should backup your projects on your own, to be able to recover them in their latest state in case of emergency.

What we provide as backup is very far from that. So you acknowledge having been informed about that. 

Other data we will store is the locations where you will place our templates project start documents on installation, And the name of your templates that you will type in our site so to make possible for them to be part of the new starting projects you will parameter on our sites. 

Once the configuration of your new projects is complete, we will provide you with a script that you will have to run on your PC (also on Mac soon).

When configuring your new project(s) sub-dirs, it will be your responsability to type in for sub-dir 2 and sub-dir 3 a combination of names that do not conflict or interfere with an already existing project. (i.e. The directories path should not target an already existing project on your PC.

Thanks for listening.