Jean-David Roth tells you this:

Hi there! You should ask yourself the question : What is a project? Why do I need to make hundreds of them? Why should I buy the tools this site is selling at a very affordable price?

...or something like this:

You have probably a clear idea about what a project is, or not.

In fact the "project" concept is rather vague because there are very different kinds of projects out there.

In my mind a project is something that helps getting a result by accomplishing tasks, in a finished amount of time.

Some common characteritics of most projects:

- can be divided in steps

- needs to store info about itself

- some are personal, other need more persons to work on them


My future product about projects:

It will allow to create documents with the click of a button.

It will help learn what it needs to be understood by the people working on it.

It will show the steps towards accomplishment.

My future product uses some concepts taken from Object Orientation in the IT programming world.

It applies them on projects.

Why should you buy? To keep things organised. There is a price to it. Very affordable if you do a price - benefits comparison.

Stay tuned


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